Crave DSP was founded by Keith Wood, a programmer, physicist and digital audio fanatic based in the UK. As an 80s child, I grew up during the home computer revolution and experimented with digital audio from an early age. My first computer had an 8-bit processor with a clock speed of 2MHz and 32K RAM. The only way to make music on it was to roll your own code to generate sound and sequence notes. I loved it, and I’ve been writing code to make music ever since. Along the way I got a master’s degree in mathematical physics which helped me develop the skills to create new and interesting models for sound.

Learning and improvement are central to my philosophy. I am a scientist and software engineer, not a professional musician, mixing engineer, mastering engineer or composer, and welcome feedback on what I can do to make using my software easier and more enjoyable for audio professionals and hobbyists alike.

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Crave DSP Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 08302524 and registered office address 8A St Marys Grove, Bristol, BS48 4NQ.