Crave EQ Release History

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Version 1.3


  • Added more resolution/latency options to the spectrum analyzer
  • Added outline to spectrum analyzer
  • Fixed issue with plugin crashing in Harrison Mixbus (dependent on locale)
  • Added mouse scroll support to drop down controls


  • Fixed issue in Pro Tools when used as default EQ would incorrectly default to multi-mono instance on stereo track
  • Fixed issue when dragging multiple bands, they did not all move at same speed
  • Fixed issue with VST2 crashing in Bitwig when being removed from host
  • Fixed issue with VST3 crashing in Bitwig when being removed as last plugin in Bitwig plugin host
  • Enhanced CPU performance for AVX2 enabled Intel processors


  • Fixed issue with tilt filter having incorrect gain


  • Fixed mouse wheel not working in Windows 7


  • Minor improvements to number localization
  • Minor improvements to font rendering on low resolution displays


  • Added localization for parameter value display and entry to provide correct use of commas and periods for decimals
  • Fixed keyboard stealing issue on Windows
  • Changed the behaviour for the Left, Right and Delete keys used for selecting and removing bands so they respond only when the mouse is over the plugin window


  • Added context sensitive shelf/cut filters (shelf below 30Hz or above 10kHz and cut on 0dB line below 20Hz or above 15kHz)
  • Added ability to invert filter gain from filter band context menu
  • Enhanced spectrum analyzer with new limit of 30kHz
  • Enhanced CPU performance of digital and analog phase models
  • Enhanced gain adjustment of multiple bands when changed together so they can be scaled proportionally


  • Added tilt filter
  • Enhanced spectrum analyzer to scale between -60 and -180 decibels


  • Added shortcut to bypass individual bands via Ctrl double-click on Windows and Command double-click on macOS
  • Added parameter grouping of automation parameters in compatible VST3 and Audio Unit hosts
  • Fixed an issue with the linear phase model where soloing a band assigned to a single channel would crash the plugin
  • Fixed an issue with the transparent phase mode where soloing a band assigned to a single channel where the other channel was still audible
  • Fixed an issue with the digital phase model where automatic gain compensation would not work when all bands were assigned to a single channel


  • Fixed a probelm where the transparent phase model would crash hosts running at 96kHz


  • Transparent phase model
  • Enhanced decibel metering with input levels, peak hold/reset and scalable from -90/+30 to -12/+12
  • Use selectable latency for linear phase
  • Fixed a problem where VST3 would crash in Bitwig
  • Fixed a problem where VST2 would not resize properly in Cubase/Nuendo

Version 1.2


  • Fixed a problem where plugin could crash when hovering over a filter band
  • Fixed a problem where L/R input and output trim could reset when opening UI
  • Enhanced gain and frequency display of cursor position when dragging bands


  • Added AAX plugin support for Pro Tools users
  • Added bypass automation
  • Added gain and frequency display of cursor position
  • Fixed a problem with the delete key and file dialogs in some hosts on macOS


  • Fixed an audio glitch when combining a high cut and low cut of steep slope in the ditial phase model
  • Fixed a problem with automatic gain compensation for high Q values on peaking and notch filers


  • Added automatic gain compensation option
  • Added input gain controls to complement output gain controls
  • Added extended preset functionality for saving/restoring configurable subsets of current settings
  • Added ability to configure default settings for new plugin instances via extended presets
  • Fixed a problem where a filter's channel processing could be incorrectly displayed when hiding and showing the UI
  • Fixed a problem where undo would fail for an A/B operation after hiding and showing the UI
  • Fixed a problem on Windows in some hosts where bridged instances would display at the wrong resolution

Version 1.1


  • Fixed a problem where keyboard input stops working in some macOS hosts


  • Added quick solo listen by double-clicking a band
  • Added slope control via Ctrl mouse wheel on Windows and Command mouse scroll on macOS
  • Added finer adjustments when dragging bands by holding Shift


  • Fixed a problem with solo listen where highlighting could be incorrect after removing bands
  • Fixed a problem on macOS where using the shift key with mouse scroll did not provide finer control of knobs and bands


  • Added support for macOS 10.9 and above
  • Added spectrum analyzer smoothing control
  • Added clearer labelling for resolution and latency in the spectrum analyzer menu
  • Added solo listen
  • Added mouse wheel support for filter bands, knobs and axes